Earning Extra Money With Your Dreams

Earning Extra Money By Resurrecting Your Dreams and Goals

Earning extra money
Earning extra money

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to own that sports car, big house, earning extra money, and travel the world.  You can resurrect your dreams and goals.  What you need to do is to write down a plan of action to accomplish your goal over the next coming months.

Maybe you want to start earning extra money.  Your plan of action has to detail a way of earning extra money. It may require a better job or if you need to learn how to  increase your income by earning extra money then you need to have a plan of action.

You have to be willing to do things that ordinary people are not willing to do if you want to accomplish extraordinary dreams and goals in your life.  I guarantee you that there is someone living your dreams and goals right now.  Think about that for a second.  If someone else has done it before, you can do it too.


Earning Extra Money The Power Within You



For some of us, we have to dig a little bit deeper because there’s something that your creator or you’re higher being has birthed in you.  That thing you have always wanted to do can start to help you with earning extra money.  Your personal dreams and goals may have disappeared over the years for whatever reason but the rest of your life does not have to remain that way.

Life happens and we forget about the things that we dream or wanted in our lives.  But the good news is that your dreams and goals are still inside you.  You’re still living, you’re still breathing and you can accomplish anything that you want such as earning extra money.

On Easter Sunday, you have to remember what happened during the resurrection.  You have to forget about those fears that are keeping you stuck in mediocrity.  What you have to do is resurrect your dreams and your goals! The way to do that is to start changing your mindset.


Earning Extra Money The Power of The Mind

If you want to start earning extra money, it’s not going to happen automatically.  You have to change your mindset.  If you want to be in the management for example, you have to change your mindset from employee to owner.  Everything begins and starts with the mind.

Your mind is the most powerful muscle in your body.  Some people are working out and doing the next greatest, hottest exercise routine but most people are not focusing on their most powerful muscle, their mind.  What kind of things are you reading?  What kind of things are you feeding into your mind?

You might have to get rid some of those negative people that are around you in order to take your life to another level.

Today I challenge you to resurrect your dreams and your goals. The number one way to accomplish your dreams and goals is to start to change your mindset.

Earning Extra Money Action Plan

Start slow by reading a book next week.  Pick one of the books that you have put off.  Maybe it is a book on leadership or a book on how to start earning extra money.  Go pick up one of those good books and put something positive in your mind this week.

Reading a good book is your challenge if you are serious.  There are so many good books that will help you learn how to start earning extra money.  The public library is a great place to start.  To get you started resurrecting your dreams and your goals, your second step is to get around some different people that are working towards their dreams and goals.

Start putting some things in your mind that will move you closer to your dreams and goals.  Turn off that television!  The people you are watching on television are living their dreams and goals.  Stop making other people rich and work on the life of your dreams.  You will eventually realize that you are a powerful human being and you can do anything you set your mind to accomplish.

Resurrect those dreams and those goals and don’t stop until you accomplish the things that you want to accomplish in your life.  Comment below and come over to my Facebook Fan page to learn more about earning extra money.


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Terry Shelton
is a husband and dad to 2 beautiful girls. A 17 year Information Technology Specialist, coach, mentor, and entrepreneur with a passion for business and to help others succeed. Not your average IT geek! After spending many years working on large projects for multi billion dollar corporations, Terry decided to diversify his income through leadership, communications, and the abilities to help others make legitimate money from home. Technology and the Internet has made it easier than ever for the average everyday mom and dad to make real money from home.

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